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Don’t Sellout our Night Skies


Help stop the Rail Tie Wind Project and encourage clean energy development in the right locations in Wyoming!

Speak up for Wyoming’s natural resource protection

The Rail Tie Project will devastate an area of Albany County that its residents and tourist treasure. 

ConnectGen, the Houston based company behind the project claims that the Rail Tie Wind Project “promises to bring jobs and tax revenue to Wyoming’s poorest county at a time when workers and public budgets are suffering”.   However history in Wyoming tells us that most of these jobs go to out of state workers that travel from construction site to construction site.

Will you take two minutes to write the Western Area Power Association and tell them that you oppose the Rail Tie Wind Project. Ask for a “No Connection Decision”.

Helpful tips for writing the WAPA:

– Enter your name and address information in the box to the right.

– Enter your message in the message area.

–  Click the “Submit” button when you’re ready.

Some points when making comments based on the draft Environmental Impact Statement

  • Threats to groundwater during turbine construction, including dewatering 
  • Unregulated blasting for turbine foundations, electric lines and road modifications 
  • Potential pollution of shallow aquifers 
  • Impinging on crucial mule deer winter range and WGF Habitat Protection Areas
  • Strong visual intrusion of towers, access roads, collection lines, destroying the character of 550 square miles of rural countryside
  • Destruction of the setting for Ames Monument, the county’s only site on the National Register of Historic Places
  • Insufficient setback from roads to protect against ice or blade throw
  • Insufficient setback from property lines to protect residents from noise
  • Insufficient provisions to protect against turbine flicker
  • Lack of fire suppression systems in turbine nacelles
  • Over reliance on volunteer fire departments to protect against wildfire and/or provide emergency supports
  • Lack of public input and planning for reconstruction of public roads to accommodate blade and component transport
  • Potential damage to property value of nearby residents
  • Failure to produce technical studies that predict actual turbines to be used 
  • No evidence of support for nighttime aircraft detection lighting systems, thus a threat to dark night skies and observatory research